Golden Springtime..


Welcome back! (To both of us, heehee).

I have been super busy with family life since the holidays, and we have been traveling like crazy and trying to keep our heads above water with house hunting. I’m so excited to finally get a break (sort of), in the form of getting to post some new things on my website! Yay!

Tonight, I convinced my son to model for me so I could brush up on my golden hour photography. It was no easy task, but as usual, we ended up having lots of fun together! It’s always fun to direct each other, because for every pose or movement I ask my little to do, he throws it back to me by adding in a few ninja moves! 🙂

Anyways, back to the photography stuff! We headed out around 5:30pm to our local park, and it was a perfect 75 degrees today, so we were comfy (other than having to wear a fancy-shmancy shirt, as my son calls it, heehee). After setting up for about 15 minutes, I decided to switch it up and go rogue. I freehanded without the tripod, and got in on the fun by laying down in the grass for some shots.

It was the perfect time of day to get some different shots, and I’m considering adding some mini-sessions to my schedule for this spring…maybe even some golden hour mini-sessions! I almost forgot how much I love that special hour before the sun sets ❤

I’m also thinking of launching a photo-a-day challenge for March! My plate is beginning to feel empty since there are only 99 things going on in my life instead of 150, haha!

Follow and check back for the March Calendar full of challenges! I’ll be posting a photo a day on my instagram, beginning March 1st. Don’t forget to follow me there and I’ll come up with a hashtag for the challenge here in a jiffy!

I can’t wait to see the photos! It feels like unwrapping a little present each time I see a photo I love, and I’m sure there will be many! I hope to connect with some other photographers in my area, as well as all of you out there in the world!

Catch you in the sunshine, Texas!

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