March Photo Challenge Calendar..

Hello there!

So..I’ve decided to do a photo-a-day challenge through the month of March! I’ve always wanted to do a daily photo challenge, but I’m commitment-phobic, haha. I decided to do this challenge so that I could connect with other photographers out there in the vastness of the Earth, so we could all share in something for a month..kind of like a short-term relationship where we can glimpse each other through a collection of photographs that capture moments in time, and speak something about us, the ones who stand behind the lenses and make the choice to snap when we do. We are creators and captors of time and space.

I’m so excited to embark on this little journey and I hope you will decide to join me, wether it’s your first week with a DSLR or decades into this journey of life with your camera.

I have chosen a single word for each day, and please interpret it in any way that speaks to you. Punch a hole through the box and let’s meet up on the other side!

I’ve picked a hashtag we can all use for this photo challenge:


Please include the DATE and the WORD FOR THE DAY in the caption, as well as anything else you want to share about the photo. Don’t forget to watermark your photos, so I can share them at the end of the month in a reflective blog post!

You can follow me on Instagram HERE!

I really hope to see you on this photo journey with me, and if you can’t make it every day, drop in on any day with a photo. My daily photo will also be on the blog if you feel like dropping by to leave some feedback, even constructive criticism.

Let’s share in something special! Our ship sets sail on March 1st, hope to see you on Insta!

– Gabriella


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