March 10 – Frothy.


I was really looking forward to today’s photo challenge! This is one of my absolute favorite photos. It’s from the California coast, a place that will forever be special in my heart. Water is such an amazing thing to photograph, as it is constantly changing and never the same. The ocean has always felt like home, and it’s these photographs that remind me how powerful , yet delicate and consuming the ocean is. There’s something comforting about this photo for me. It’s a moment in time, and my mind can see the changes when I look at it. Motion photography is fascinating, it’s like glimpsing something that we don’t see everyday. Life is so fast and so busy, that it’s a shock to the system to not only slow down quick motion, but to capture it in a still photograph.

I admit, my first thought for “Frothy” was definitely some type of coffee..:)

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