Hello, and welcome back to both of us!

It seems that every few months, I find myself M.I.A. from this blog. Life and I are always playing catch-up with each other. More so at the moment, it seems.

We’ve been traveling for the last couple of months, on and off through Arkansas, New Mexico, and Southern Texas. I’ve taken lots of photos, put off editing them for several weeks, fractured my foot and got stuck with an annoying boot, and my car died of boredom while sitting in it’s parking space undisturbed. I think it’s all been the universe telling me I need a few weeks of shut-in time 🙂

It’s been quite a couple of months for adventures too!

We visited the White Sands in New Mexico, where my son and husband worked on their sand sledding. We also explored El Paso, hit a quartz mine in Arkansas where my son and husband mined giant quartz crystals, and dipped our toes in the ocean at Padre Island. My son also got his first jellyfish sting, and scouted jellies in the marina at Corpus Christi during unrelated adventures. Austin has treated us to it’s vibe and vegan delights on a few occasions too!

We explored, we got muddy, we ate amazing Thai food, and I photographed. Now, I’m reveling in a couple of weeks of rest at home before we hit the east coast on a little road trip in a few weeks! ❤

All of the hours spent driving, gave me a lot of time to think about life and where I want to go and what I want to do. I suppose it’s the age old question we ask ourselves over and over. Once we arrive at “the destination” what’s next? There’s always another adventure waiting.

I’ve been longing for Europe lately, and to “get away” so to speak. Farther and for longer this time. The tether usually keeps us on this North American continent, but I hear the winds of change calling. I ask myself how many times we can pick up and start a new adventure, but it seems there are always more waiting to be had. Can I really say no if my soul drives me to go? It feels like we live our life on the road..on a zipline with no end, only pit stops. It’s never staying in one place too long. It’s a life of hellos and goodbyes, and jumping off of the cliffs with a blindfold on. It’s not a rich life full of things, but when I glance back at the photographs, it’s a wealthy life. The best people have made it into the photos, and so they are there forever for us. That’s what I love about my favorite camera…it gives and it takes away. It takes away the sadness of leaving, of moving on, by giving memories and glimpses that can make moments eternal. I like to think of the photographs as relics of time’s passing, able to stay when we ourselves must go. I suppose I hope that my photos evoke feelings of connection, as we all move through this life together but divided. I truly believe photographs can help heal us, and bring us together to understand life in new ways together.

I muse over life too much…who knows what the next adventure has in store.  Either way, I’ll keep clicking to feed my soul. The minutes of life will continue to pass by, and I’ll be there searching for the magic moments with everyone else, camera in hand. Maybe I’ll see you there, whoever you are reading this.




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