About Me


Hey! Welcome to my world from behind a camera and thanks for being here..

I’m a photographer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and surrounding suburbs. 

I travel a lot with my family, and I’m lucky to be married to a man who doesn’t mind pulling over every twenty minutes to take a photograph, or “get the shot.”

I have a five year old son, who is absolutely amazing and might grow up believing he is famous (because his mom is the paparazzi).

We have a cat and a bunny, who suffer the consequences of being overly loved because they’re fluffy and soft, and they love us anyway.

I have always loved art and creating things! I’m passionate about photographs in a “late night, I love that face or place, every little detail matters, I hope they love it, with leftover pizza kind of way”..

I take photographs because it makes me happy, and there’s a freedom in doing things we love. I like to take in the details of a face, or capture the essence of a vibrant spirit through a smile, or maybe a glimpse of life’s little bits and pieces. I like to make people smile, and capture joy or love in someone’s expression.

I also paint and make things, not within a specific category..just whatever my gears are churning out at the moment.

If you love my photos, you can support my dreams by visiting my “Buy It!” page! If you’d like to book a session, please use the “Contact Me” form! You can also show me some love by sharing my work on social media, and following me on Instagram! (Gabriella_B_Photography) 

I have prints available for display in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas, please contact me for a list of prints which are available for display in coffee shops and unique locations!

Let’s meet up and tell your story together!

Gabriella Burchard

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